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Two Archbishops at Odds

I really hate to see bishops disagree; but in this case, I firmly stand behind Archbishop Coakley!

Bethlehemian Rhapsody

This made me laugh. A little Queen for the King of Kings:

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How You Got It Right

From Steve Ray over at the Defenders of the Catholic Faith ( a visual demonstration of where you got your “correct” version/interpretation of the bible…

The God of the Jews

A great quote from Steven Ray this morning: “How odd of God to choose the Jew, but odder still are those who love the Jewish God and hate the Jews.”

Royal Wedding

For such an anti-monarchial country (the United States), there sure seems to be an inordinate amount of coverage of this wedding . . . now maybe we can move on

Reason #92,038,238,392,192 to…

…secure your wireless access point:

Bunny Hopping Contest

This has absolutely nothing to do with anything but was way too cute to pass up . . . I liked the long jump the best.