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TFS 11 Express Beta Error TF400030

The other day I received this error when attempting to open a Team Project from Team Foundation Server 11 Express:

TF400030: The local metadata table could not be loaded because exclusive access could not be acquired.

So I fired my Concordance of Microsoft Error Messages (Google) and was ready for a quick resolution:

Your search - TF400030: The local metadata table could not be loaded because exclusive access could ... - did not match any documents.


I knew I hadn't changed anything on the server, nor had anyone else accessed the project since I was last working on it so I quickly ruled my server as the culprit. Then I remembered that my hosting provider (Softsys Hosting - a great hosting provider, by the way) was having hardware issues with the box that housed my VM and had migrated all the VMs on that box to some newer hardware the previous night.

A quick disconnect and reconnect to the project collection and TFS was back running hot, straight, and normal. I'm guessing that this is related to the new Local Workspaces feature in TFS 11.

If you're reading this, I'm guessing you may be seeing this error message right now; I hope this saves you a few minutes (and now I can close the browser tab with the search for the error message that I've been keeping open to remind me to blog about this).

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